Hi. My name is Amanda Marie Bradley. I’m a multidisciplinary creative: 35mm color photographer, traveler, writer & occasional stylist, living in Northern California.

1013458_10200822152629485_559772108_nI grew up in a small mountain town in Central Pennsylvania. My love of photography took me to Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia and for years I was pretty much always in class, waitressing, at a party, or in the darkroom.

Fast forward to my move to San Francisco in 2011. I’ve shifted my priorities and spent the last few years becoming hooked on travel. Really it’s more of an obsession with hunting down the best beaches and/or swim spots everywhere I go. (Is there anything better than sipping wine in the sun, working on your tan and swimming?)

Via the site and social media, I’ll share words & photos I’ve taken during my travels. My hopes are that I can increasingly leverage a bit more free time for adventure, continue to explore the planet and share my experiences with you. Follow along on Twitter and my professional Instagram. Feel free to follow my personal Instagram too.  ❤


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  1. You should come to Australia, I believe we have some of the best beaches in the world! Though some of them are not so beautiful at the moment, due to Cyclone Debbie & the aftermath we been experiencing down much of the Eastern coast.


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