The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California – You know You Wanna!

I’ve wanted to go to the Madonna Inn since I first moved to California. Once I actually got there, just this last May, I’m not sure I was thoroughly prepared for it though. “Over the top” is an understatement. When people say, “it’s so bad, it’s good”, this is exactly what they mean.

Clichés aside, if you’re traveling through, you should really stay. It’s so fun. Note though that you really don’t need more than two nights here. It’s right off the highway, which is convenient, but doesn’t lend much to being a peaceful environment. It should also be noted that you will have to drive to get to downtown SLO, which limits your food choices to the Inn’s two restaurants if you’re like me and like to drink wine by the pool. Speaking of the pool, I highly recommend going while the weather is nice. It was a blast!

That’s about all I have on this one, other than some 35mm photos I took tooling around the property.



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