Sea Ranch, California

We’ve had an extremely wet winter in Northern California this year. The drought really took hold in 2011, the year I moved here, so it’s the first time I’m experiencing what a normal winter looks like. Coming from Pennsylvania, I’m no stranger to inclement weather and over the last 5 years I’ve even complained that I missed it. Three days of rain over this long weekend though has got me feeling a little stir crazy. The solution is simple, but I really can’t seem to make myself go out in it. So instead, I sorted through my film from a recent trip to Sea Ranch, a foggy coastal community about three hours up the coast from the Bay Area.

The photos were taken yet another dreary weekend, but I was cozied up in a cabin with some of my closest girlfriends and didn’t mind. Reflecting, it’s kind of funny how I’m more than willing to venture out into nature or a new place despite some dampness, but while I’m at home I hunker down, try to be productive as possible and just wait for it to pass. Here are some 35mm photos I took from that trip back in December, when the rain was still charming.



One thought on “Sea Ranch, California

  1. Remarkable photos. I love how the weather paints a new expression on the land, sea and air. Well done! The Sea Ranch can be a moody sort of location. What I love most about Sea Ranch is how its mood is ever changing: angry (as when winter waves washing over the sea rocks), pensive (as when the fog tip toes in to hide its true feelings) or full of joy (as when sly September brings with it sunshine). Let us know when next you want to experience Sea Ranch again.

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